Restoration and extension of Villa alle Monache

Category Architettura Dimension 6.700 m2 Location Volterra - Pisa IT Project import 9.650.000 Start date 2008 End date 2012 Customer Villa alle Monache Gmbh

40 Houses in Villa alle Monache complex, in the Tuscany landscape

manager architect: Dario Menichetti architetto

design team: Maria Francesca Mollica ingegnere, Valentina Menichini architetto, Nicole Candura architetto, Irene Palumbo architetto, Paolo Franceschini geometra

concept design, final design, working plan, works and safety supervisor

The Concept

Over the centuries, more art has been created here than anywhere else. The unspoiled Tuscan landscape, its beauty and gentle climate make for a wonderful opportunity to lead lives filled with passions and pleasures. Tuscany – healthy cuisine, sophisticated wines, rolling hills redolent with vineyards, olive groves, golden wheat fields, lush meadows, fairy-tale woodlands, and cypress lined roads lead the way to the never-ending Mediterranean Sea. Properties contribute to the tradition and singular character of the region for the enjoyment and appreciation of generations to come. In the midst of this beauty, respecting both nature and local tradition, we built the home of your dreams.

Villa alle Monache comprises twelve independent villas, most of them with gardens and parking places, imitating typical Tuscan farmhouse architecture and individually designed to meet the demands of every family. One extraordinary building of the planned development is the Manor House, reconstructed in accordance with the original, century-old plans.

Twelve exquisite villas, from 70 to 330 square meters, ensure you will find the one that best suits you. The entire project covers the area of 50 000 square meters and it takes only a half of an hour to get to the sea. Villa alle Monache a incorporates both innovative and natural building materials and technologies. With utmost respect for the land, this harmonious blending of contemporary and traditional building methods and materials provides you with comfort and convenience yet minimizing impact on the environment.


Villa alle Monache is an example of the architectural philosophy highly integrated in the territory where it stands. The settlement pattern is based on the idea of a spike, bent under the influence of the wind that determines the sinuous appearance of the hilly landscape of Volterra. The size of villas is a contemporary interpretation of rural Tuscan farmhouse, and gives the utmost attention to energy savings and the architectural features that are produced between internal and external environments. Stone, terracotta, water, greenery and glass are ancient and modern materials that coexist and interact together to create areas of great intensity and emotion.


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